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Well, here we are! The final week of the blog tour for Extra! and I am really feelin’ the love! Here are the stats from the Launch Week off of Amazon.

Extra! has been on Amazon’s Hot New Release list in Parenting and Families for the entire 2 weeks since its launch (still there!) and held the #1 spot during the first day. It also placed within the top 100 Books on the Best Sellers list for Parenting and Families for the first 2 days, peaking at #31. Which, I guess, makes the book a chart-topping, Amazon Best Seller in Parenting and Families! Woah. And for those who know these things, that was in the main header category of parenting and relationships! Not a smaller category subheading! I mean… LOOK!!


I. Am. Floored. All of the wonderful support I have received from the community on this project has touched me beyond words. The reviews I have received are so encouraging and positive. The private messages and social media shout-outs have been overwhelming. A few of you even posted photos of your own littles enjoying the book and I have to say, every. single. one. made me cry!

So, THANK YOU. I wish I could hug y’all. This was such a labour of love and hard work to get this book out there and the fact that it has touched so many of you makes it 10,000% worth it.


The Chicken

*The blog tour continues today over at In Due Time and lasts until Friday. Full list of bloggers and dates here.*

Micro Post: Thank You!
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