Hey there long time TTC Lovelies,

So you’ve been at this game for a hot minute, hey? Sorry to hear that. Here I have tried to assemble a more advanced FAQ list where I will cover some infertility diagnoses and some more advanced testing and treatments. That way you don’t have to go running all over the internet looking for stuff if you don’t want to. I will also try to link to relevant medical societies if applicable in these posts. Hopefully, this is of use to you and gets you on the right track even when infertility throws you a curve ball. Categories listed below:

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Long Range Testing:

  • Those that went before you. Reaching out to others?
  • The Dr. test?
  • Immunology 101?


  • String of pearls! PCOS?
  • Endometruim everywhere! Edometriosis and Adenomyosis?
  • Drunken sailors! Sperm morphogenics?
  • No swimmers in there! Azoospermia?
  • No eggs in the nest! Premature Ovarian Failure and Diminished Reserve?
  • My uterus is a funky shape! Bicordate etc?
  • No uterus at all/ No functioning ovaries at all! MRKH and Turner Syndrome?
  • Angel babies! Repeat Pregnancy Loss?
  • No clear diagnosis?!


  • Money and treatment funding -or- how to get the cash?
  • IUI vs IVF?
  • Donor eggs and sperm?
  • Surrogacy?
  • The adoption option?
  • When you say when?