Hi Lovelies,

I am by no means the only person out there that is tackling infertility subjects. Here you will find a list of other bloggers I think are fantastic as well as resources for dealing with infertility and the different associations that can help on your journey. I hope these links help you out, if I am missing any organizations that you feel should be added please let me know.

Be well,

The Chicken


Blogs I think are rad:

A* next to the name means this person has had a baby, but their blogs are still active, infertility centered, and rad.

Stirrup Queens*

Ever Upward

Amateur Nester*

Salt In The Womb*

A Hummingbird Paused*

Waiting for Baby Bird

Don’t Count Your Eggs*

My Perfect Breakdown*

Screw You Stork

Beat Infertility Podcast*

Remagine It*

Awesome websites that target infertility- Non blog:

Conception Advice

The Infertility Voice

Treatment Options Interactive Graphic


Fertility Planit

Shine a Light on Infertility

Silent Sorority

Books about infertility that helped me (Non-affiliate links, just want you to be able to find the books!):

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

Ever Upward

In Due Time

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

The Waiting Line

Websites of various infertility associations:

Fertility Matters (Canada)

Resolve (United States)

Infertility Network (UK)