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Here you will find some information about my appearances: on other sites as a guest and in person to speak about infertility. That’s right, kids! The “Unpregnant Chicken” coming to you from here, there and everywhere. I’m stoked and you should be, too! The more ways I can get the message out the more we can chip away at the taboos surrounding this shitty diagnosis. Let’s spread some awareness and good humour, shall we?

Guest Posts/Features:

Speaking Engagements:

At this point my speaking engagements are not open to the public (this may change, stay tuned).

  • MacEwan University: Feb 25, 26, 27 2015. March 3 2016. Topics: Infertility and Gender Concepts, Infertility and Family Dynamics, Infertility and Culture.
  • University of Alberta: Feb 26 2015. March 1 2016. Topic: Infertility and Sexuality

Webinar/Video Session Appearances:

I have been given the amazing opportunity to work with Fertility Planit on some web-based video sessions interviewing other great people in the infertility community. Here are the topics and links to the videos:

*Contact Unpregnant Chicken for appearances*

I look forward to hearing from you about any engagements that might be beneficial to us both!

The Chicken

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