Here we go Lovelies,

It’s time to drop some knowledge! Trying to conceive is intense. It can be much more complex than just jumping into bed with a glass of wine. The longer you are trying the more tricks and gadgets might get thrown into the mix. But what if you’re just starting out? What if you don’t know what the hell an OPK is or what basal body temperature means? Sure you could just google it. You’d get your answers, that’s how I did it at the beginning. But sometimes it’s nice to have someone break down the bull shit and just give you the straight facts. That’s where I come in! I have always been captivated by biological sciences and human sexuality to be specific, then add in a diagnosis of infertility and WHAM you have a recipe to have me diving into all sorts of research journals and books. So, below are some of the basics that might help you when you start trying to get knocked up.

(If you have been at it a while and are wondering about specific diagnosis and more advanced testing terms please check out the Advanced FAQ page)


The Chicken

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  • What is my cycle and how do I work?
  • Swimmers! Fast, slow, how do we know?
  • How often to knock boots?
  • Postulating on positions to conceive?
  • Legs in the air (like you totally care) but do we need to do that?
  • Lifestyle changes to change my infertile fate?