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When you have been TTC for a while people will, without a doubt, start offering you advice on how to up your odds. Some of that advice is pure malarky, but some might have merit. Today we are going to look at some naturopathic ways to enhance your fertility. Remember that any of these alternative treatments should be used as a COMPLIMENT to traditional fertility medicine and shouldn’t be relied upon to cure the whole shebang on its own. Some of these I have tried, others I haven’t, do some research of your own if you want to pursue these… but here’s my take:

Acupuncture: This is the ancient Chinese practice of jabbing needles into the skin… ok, ok, it goes deeper than that. Very thin, hair-like needles are inserted at specific points and meridians in the body in order to help align your energies and help them flow properly. I’ve done this and actually did see an improvement in my cycle and egg quality. It can help with any number of ailments that could affect your fertility. When you first go in the practitioner will assess your energy state and any underlying conditions you have so that they know best how to treat you. It didn’t hurt (which I was terrified about) and seemed to work well. It can be pricey. But science is starting to back up some of the help it gives. IVF cycles where acupuncture was performed before and after the embryo transfer saw higher success rates. Take that as you may.

Nutritionist: Some swear that eating the right diet can greatly improve your odds at conception. If you suffer from something like PCOS there really is a lot that you can try for fertility diets, but apparently, there is something for everyone. googling “fertility diet for X diagnosis” turns up all sorts of things. Really, I don’t know if it does or doesn’t help but I am in the camp of it can’t hurt. Being in peak physical condition can only improve your odds of all the stars aligning and you getting a baby out of it. I say go for it.

Naturopath doctor: I haven’t used this route but I know lots of people who swear by it. These doctors help patients struggling to conceive by regulating hormones using natural means. So vitamins, herbal remedies, foods, that sort of thing. There is training out there for them and some science to back things up but, by and large, I think it’s best to be wary… Quacks are more prevalent in this area. Word of mouth seems to be the best bet for finding a good one.

Chiropractor: Some say that when the joints and bones in your body aren’t aligned and nerves are pinched all sorts of things can become problematic… one of them being infertility. I haven’t seen a chiropractor for anything fertility related but I do visit one to help me when my back and neck are out. I would think about trying this. It isn’t going to add any problems if I make sure my hips are aligned and my spine isn’t compressed – and finding the best chiropractor I can could really help me iron out some of my aches and pains I’ve been meaning to address. I would think that this one on its own won’t resolve fertility problems completely. But maybe you disagree?

There you have it. Did I miss any alternate treatment options that you’ve tried? Have you been to a chiropractor adelaide that helped you immensely and want to share the story? See if you feel like adding any of these fertility ramping extras into your treatment plan.

Happy baby making y’all!

The Chicken

FAQ: Acupuncture, Nutritionists, and Chiropractics. Oh My!
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