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For the launch of my children’s book Extra! I’m running a blog tour. A blog tour is like a book tour in that you travel around talking about your book, promoting and hosting giveaways. But becuase this is a BLOG book tour all of that happens online! I have a list of 12 fabulous bloggers that are all as excited as I am about this book and have decided to help me spread the word!

The blog tour will start the day of the book launch, January 22nd, right here on my home blog. I will talk about the book, why I wrote it, and how you can get your hands on a copy. Every day after that myself or the book will be featured on a blog- for 3 weeks straight! The support I’m recieving from those who’ve read the advance of the book has been overwhelming and I am so hopeful that those of you who have become a family through ART after infertility will find joy and excitement in this story!

Here is the list of awesome bloggers with links to their blogs so you can check them out and follow them ahead of their post date.

Extra! Blog Tour:

Jan 22: Unpregnant Chicken

Jan 23: A Hummingbird Paused

Jan 24: Our Misconception

Jan 25: Fertility Matters

Jan 26: Our Beautiful Hope

Jan 29: Justine Froelker

Jan 30: Girl Tries Life

Feb 1: Lisa Danielle

Feb 2: Beat Infertility Podcast

Feb 5: In Due Time

Feb 6: Salt in the Womb

Feb 7: Amateur Nester

Feb 8: A Mama’s Amusing Musings


There is also a hashtag associated with the blog tour, #MyFamilyTookExtra, that you can follow on all social media platforms. Hashtags are a useful tool for authors looking to promote themselves and their work on social media. A growth service like Instazood or Nitreo may be helpful for authors looking to organically grow their following on platforms like Instagram; see it here – https://nitreo.com/instazood. I am so proud to use this book as a uniting force for those people that had to work an extra long time and be extra patient while building their families. This book is meant to convey the special effort it took to become a family in a positive and educational light so that you can begin to talk to your kids about thier extra conception stories!

Join me here on January 22nd to discuss more about being “extra” and how you can share that special conception story with the littles in your life!


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Book Blog Tour Information
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