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Hey Lovelies,

We are well into the book launch/blog tour for my book Extra! I don’t want it to start losing steam now so I’d love to see all my blog readers supporting the bloggers who have signed up for the tour. Here are a reminder of the upcoming dates and links to the people who are writing on them. It would be wonderful if you would check them out, not only on that date, but just in general as their blogs are amazing!

Remaining Blog Tour Dates:

Jan 29: Justine Froelker

Jan 30: Girl Tries Life

Feb 1: Lisa Danielle

Feb 2: Beat Infertility Podcast

Feb 5: In Due Time

Feb 6: Salt in the Womb

Feb 7: Amateur Nester

Feb 8: A Mama’s Amusing Musings

Thanks! You have no idea how much everyone’s support means to me. I am sure all these bloggers would love some new readers and some comment love!

Also, if you have read the blog or this book and it moved you I would be ever so glad if you shared! Help this little project of mine grow stronger and reach more people in the community. Know someone who could use Extra!? send them the link to the book. Know any IF friends who are giving birth soon? I bet it would make a really special present! Know any groups who might want to include this book in their libraries? Send them my way!

We grow bigger together. Always.


The Chicken

Micro Post: Help Spread The Message
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