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Hey Lovelies,

The holiday’s are here. Time of great joy, great pain, and always A LOT of work. I  will be taking a brief pause from blogging from the 22nd til the new year in order to finish prepping for my book launch- WHICH IS SET FOR January 8th, 2018– Ahhhhhhh!!!

But, in the meantime I didn’t want to leave y’all stranded without some good coping matierial for this time of year in case you needed it. And I know I usually need it!  So, here are a few of my posts about the holiday’s from around the blogosphere and I hope you find they help.

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Top 10 rude comments and snarky asshole things to reply

New year, new you, new infertility outlook

Holiday recovery kit

Be well, everyone! See you in 2018.

The Chicken

Micro Post: Holiday Time
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