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Hey Lovelies,

I have to say, I was so hoping the illustration process for my picture book would be fast when it started out 3 months ago but fast is not how I would describe it. Not fast but AMAZING, I would definitely describe it as amazing! At least I would now that I have gotten to look at the first draft of the illustrated pages! It’s really exciting to see my characters coming to life. To see the book transformed into a living thing. The next step is finalizing the design elements in each layout and colouring it. Again, I guess I shouldn’t expect that to be a fast process either. But even though the process is trying my patience, I am EXTREMELY happy with the work my illustrator is turning in! I am thrilled to be working with her and so so excited for you guys to be able to see them in the near-ish future! Publication aim is still for early in January… which feels so far off but is probably going to be upon us faster than I think! Hoping to share a cover teaser soon!

The Chicken

Micro Post: Book Update
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