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Hey all,

So, first off, an apology. I did not mean to announce I was pregnant and then drop off the face of the earth for 2 weeks. A bunch of things culminated and then I had nothing really to say and so it left me hanging with blank air space where my thought bubble should have been. I have been ridiculously busy in my personal life. I am neck deep in chasing the book illustration around (who knew it would be such a slow process?!), I am neck deep in doula training, I have written for a few other sites, I am trying to manage all my feelings about this pregnancy and all the symptoms that go along with said pregnancy, I am chasing the toddler around all day and keeping his life running, and then on top of that I got sick… for 3 weeks! I am now on the mend but I’m still frantically treading water in my life to accomplish all that needs to happen in a day!

I have, in the meantime, let this blog slide.

I didn’t intend to… but sometimes life throws curve-balls atcha. So, now, some truth talk. I am going to do my best to keep publishing in this space about infertility, the book, and occasionally my pregnancy, but it may not be twice a week every week. I may not have anything to say that week except  “Uuuuuuuhhh, hey, I’m still alive over here.”  Which makes for shit reading… so going forward I’m not gonna bother posting unless it’s good content. I also have a few Squawk Boxes sitting in my folder, I WILL post these up, so if yours is one that I am waiting to publish fear not, it will be.

I guess, in summary… Uhhhhh, I’m still alive over here. 😉


The Chicken

Micro Post: The Fuck Is Going On
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