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A recent dinner conversation with the Bean Sprout went as such: “I love you, more than I loved my six pack… and that’s a lot… and I miss it, but I’d miss you more.” Truer words were never spoken.

I struggle a lot with my changed body after pregnancy. I don’t have the time or energy to workout like I used to. I am also leaning on comfort foods too much. And it shows. I used to say I really wanted that flabby mom bod because it meant I was a mom. I still agree in theory, but it’s harder in practice.

I miss my abs. But I’d miss my baby more. And so I suppose that means the loss of my body beforehand was worth it, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. One of my friends was telling me that there are cosmetic options that you could have done to improve your body, especially if you’ve been pregnant before. Mommy Makeover in Bryn Mawr, PA are able to offer procedures like breast augmentation and a body lift. If you’re not from that area though, you could always contact your local plastic surgery office and see if they offer anything similar. This might be a way to improve your self-confidence, I know most women often feel insecure about their bodies after having a baby but it shouldn’t be something you have to be embarrassed about. Some people may really benefit from surgeries like these though, so make sure you look at ways that you can pick yourself back up post-pregnancy! Hopefully, you will feel confident in yourself after pregnancy, and you might not require this makeover but it’s good to keep it in mind for the future! You never know what you might think of your body after having more children!

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Micro Post: Post-Baby Body Image
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