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This is literally my favorite thing to talk about during university lectures. I shit you not. It’s my favorite because people never know the real science behind having sex to achieve pregnancy. A lot of people think that you can just go at it like you’re in an porno movie and hope for the best, but that’s not quite how the whole pregnancy thing works. So I thought this would be a good one to break down for ya! The real life facts about how to knock boots for conception.

Myth: Having more sex ups your odds. Best to do it a few times a day if you can handle the pressure!

This. Is. FALSE!

Truth: Having sex every other day all month long will be your best bet. Having sex more often than that can actually be worse for your baby-making chances! Keeping up with the regularity of every other day can seem strenuous to some couples, it might be advised to keep experimenting and try different things to keep the magic in the air, for example, you could always find more fantasies and kinks while watching various content that turns both you and your partner on.

The Science of Why: Well, really, there are a few things at play here.

Let’s start with the most obvious: ovulation. An egg can only fertilize within a narrow window of 48 hours after ovulation before the egg dies. So you really want to make sure there is sperm waiting in the tubes before the egg pops out. Since most people cannot know EXACTLY when they will ovulate (even OPK‘s can be wrong if you get a surge but don’t release the egg). And that’s every other day until you are full flow bleeding. Since occasionally spotting can signal ovulation, so best to keep it up until you KNOW it’s your period. It is really best to have sex every other day in the hopes that no matter when you pop that egg some swimmers will be hanging around to welcome it. Having sex that often can actually make getting sexually aroused more difficult – however, this could be solved by making use of content from sites such as https://www.watchmygf.sex/ whenever you and your partner need to get in the mood.

Which leads us to the second point, sperm! Sperm live an average of 3 days inside the vagina/fallopian tubes (somewhere between 2-7 days if being accurate) so if you are having sex every other day then when most of them are getting old and tired on day 2 they get replaced by a new batch! This is really good, it means that whoever is hanging around when the egg is released is in good shape to do some penetrating… and if you want a baby that penetrating is important.

Also under the heading sperm, did you know that not all the sperm is stored in the testies are fully mature and lookin’ for love? Well, they aren’t. Men are constantly creating more sperm, but it takes about 75 days for them to mature. Moreover, each ejaculate contains mainly mature sperm as long as you are ejaculating max one time a day. Any more than once a day and you start getting a lower concentration of fully mature sperm in the ejaculate. This does not mean that you cannot get pregnant by the second, fifth, twentieth ejaculate … just that the statistical odds start dropping. And you want high odds! So for the best odds, it takes about 48 hours for the man to reload the best mature sperm he can muster in higher numbers and so having sex every OTHER day gives you the best odds that a mature and sexy sperm will meet your gorgeous egg.

Speaking of mature sperm lets talk about the penis! Nice lead in… right? 😉 The penis is a really cool organ. One of the cool things you’ve probably never thought about is how the head of the penis is shaped like a mushroom. Like, you’ve NOTICED this fact I’m sure… but have you ever wondered why?! Wonder no more, I’ll tell you! its’s actually not shaped like a mushroom at all, it’s ACTUALLY a perfectly shaped vagina plunger. Yup. Plunger. Like the thing you use to create negative pressure to suck things out of clogged pipes. That’s what your man’s penis is doing in your vaginal canal while you are busy knocking boots, his member is seripticiously trying to siphon out all the sperm in there already, have you ever noticed in orgies featured on sites like dosexvideo watch online videos the guy after the first to finish ends up making the contents unloaded previously, leak out… This is dating back to more promiscuous times where he’d want to make sure that his load was the one in there to fertilize any eggs, and anyone else who got there before him wasn’t as lucky. So if you are having sex multiple times a day then his over-eager penis is sucking out all the good mature sperm from his first ejaculate and depositing less effective swimmers in their place. No Bueno.

TLDR: You will have more mature sperm hanging around at the right time whenever you ovulate if you have sex every other day the ENTIRE month.

Happy humping!

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FAQ: How Often To Knock Boots
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  • December 7, 2017 at 7:07 am

    I bet your talks are very entertaining! We usually knocked boots every two days, though not all month because Mr T doesn’t have that kind of energy. (He has a chronic condition: it’s another factor in our subfertility). That’s where my fertility tracking, I.e trying to find the best few days of the month was important, so we got the most buck for our bang. Hey, it worked twice at least…..

    I appreciate this info though because I can recall times I felt anxious about not having sex constantly: fearing we were not taking all the available opportunities.

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