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*This post was scheduled weeks ago. It does not reference 9/11 at all. I am hoping that today’s date is full of remembrance and not hate or fear. One can dream, right?*

Hey Lovelies,

Ah, cycling… so much build up, so much anticipation… So. Many. Side. Effects.

Honestly, I thought the FET was going to be easier. Most people have told me it was easier. I am certainly looking forward to not having to have my eggs harvested or endure the excruciating wait of daily embryology phone calls. But I am definitely “enjoying” way more side effects to the down regulation hormones than I did to the stimulation ones. I have like 3-5 side effects each day. Plus as I near my period I also have some PMS, or maybe that’s from the down regulation too? I don’t even know anymore. I am trying hard not to use the side effects and crappy mood for an excuse to binge on junk food and not take care of myself. Trying. Some days I handle myself better than others.

On the upswing I am feeling pretty excited to start the FET round and give myself a better chance than our wonky 5% each month at conceiving. So I guess we could call the optimism a side effect of cycling too. Yes lets, in fact! That way there is a good one to add to the list. Haha.


The Chicken

Micro Post: Cycling Side Effects
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