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Hey Lovelies,

So today is just gonna be about Bean Sprout, because I cannot believe how big he is! As I said last week, we are working on weaning. Slowly… Or so I thought. Then the same night that I posted about it he straight up dropped his bed time feed and never looked back! And so now every time I put him to bed my heart aches with how he’s such a mini person already. We do bath, 2 stories, a snuggly song in the rocker and then I rock him in my arms for his lullaby and lay him in his crib. And that’s it.

I can vividly flash forward now to when this all happens with me laying beside him in a big boy bed and I have to brush the hair off his forehead to kiss it. Be still my heart. How has the babyhood just faded? Just like that?! Almost overnight he is my big boy and not my baby any longer. So today I am going to do my best to just focus on him. I’m going to hold him a little longer. I am going to kiss him a lot. And I’m going to smell his head as much as he’ll let me… because it’s all fading guys, so fast, he’s growing up!


The Chicken

Micro Post: Big Boy
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