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Hey Lovelies!

I’m baaaack! I have had a really lovely summer, and also a great break from social media, but now it’s time to come back online and reconnect. How has everyone else’s summer been? I  took a 3+ week vacation from all social media and feel damn near reborn! I don’t know what shocked me more: my absolute visceral feeling of loss over not being able to go on Pinterest or my absolute lack of a care in any way about not going on Facebook.

I am a Facebook-aholic.  I check it compulsively. I update multiple times a day. I thought I would miss it… I did not. I had only 3 passing cravings to check or update during the entire vacation. I still haven’t reinstalled it on my phone. I might never.

But Pinterest. Oh, sweet God in heaven! I was itchy to get on that almost every day. I wanted recipes. I wanted crafts. I wanted decoration idea. Hair trends. IT CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING! I missed its convenience and visual draw. I have reinstalled it on my phone but am only allowed on to actually look for something in specific. No mindless scrolling!

During my screen free time we took 3 vacations/ visits to family in other provinces. And everyone really enjoyed themselves. Boating, wine, hiking, reading. It was just what I needed. I feel great.

Happy to be back here with all you fine people!

The Chicken


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