Hello to all you unpregnant chicks!

This is for those of you that are trying, and by god you ARE trying, to wind up in a motherly way.

For those of you who are plugging along every month in the hopes that your tiny bean is just around the next corner… or ovulation predictor strip, as the case may be!

You have found your place!  Welcome!! Here we can keep plugging along together. For, I too, am trying my darnedest to get knocked up and I welcome you aboard my crazy train. I am determined to find the lighter more sarcastic side to this journey. I want more snarkiness and less sobbing.  I want more laughter and less heartache. I want more incredulity and less depression. Because this road is hard!  Hard and long! And that is precisely why we need to put some humour back into this process. I can’t go another month simply wallowing in grief. No! I Refuse! Sometimes, you just need to pick yourself back up and laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing. And sometimes you need a girlfriend to help you get there… I am that friend! Lets talk about it!

Like weight gain from treatments: How dare mother-nature give you no baby and yet the extra weight and bloating from fertility treatments?! Damn that woman in line at the grocery store for wondering how far along you are! We don’t need her shit! And we certainly don’t need to go it alone!

Like advice about trying: That woman who swears that her daughter finally got knocked up, “With TWINS!”, after drinking fermented mares piss, under a full moon, while buck ass nekkid… is f-ing crazy! Probably crazier than either you or me. She is probably incapable of shutting up at all, the poor thing. And if you weren’t so wrapped up in this depressing journey you’d be able to see the humour of it too. Fermented mares piss? I mean, come ON! We can certainly laugh about THAT one together!

There, are you smiling yet? I could go on and on, and I will, in other posts. But for now, I am sick of pretending that this journey doesn’t hurt. It does.  Let’s talk about it and shed some light on the situation. Let’s create a space where we don’t feel so alone. And let’s laugh! Because laughing rocks my socks and, hopefully, yours too.  Please enjoy reading these posts, smile and breathe deep. Things here in fertility land are strange and uncomfortable.  Lets try to work through this together!  So please enjoy yourself, read on and feel free to write me about your experiences. We can walk this path together.

Everything is more enjoyable with a group of like-minded “chicks” anyway!

Unpregnant Chicken

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Unpregnant Chicks!

  • October 15, 2014 at 11:27 am

    I like you very much and I think we could be internet friends. I just started a snarktastic infertility blog as well (though I think you do it better than I do) and it makes me happy to find someone dealing in the same way I am.

    Have some baby dust. May your eventual children be as hilariously snarky as you are. And may you always remind them how freaking long they took to exist in the most uncomfortable of times (first date? wedding toast? high school graduation? All great ideas).

    • October 15, 2014 at 11:37 am

      Second Voice,
      Thank you! I would very much like to be internet friends with another snarky infertility blogger! I am glad you are enjoying my page! I’ll take that baby dust and send some right back attcha! Also your comment about ways to use this to embarrass my eventual kids made me LOL. Follow me on Facebook so that I can see your real name and then lets be friends!
      Unpregnant Chicken


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