Bean Sprout is one cool cat.

*Trigger Warning: obviously this is a post about my baby! It also includes a picture of him. Proceed with caution*


You know how moms are always saying something like”time slow down” in reference to their children growing up and it makes everyone want to puke?

I have not been that mom…

For a lot of motherhood so far I’ve been really happy with the fast changing pace. It keeps it interesting and means that any shit parts, like breastfeeding issues, and colic, and allergy tummy troubles will whiz by fast. Well, it has happened, I am now that mom because TIME NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN NOW!!

Bean Sprout is now a year and a half old and I just cannot even with how fucking cute he is! I constantly wish he would freeze here just a little longer because I want to hold him close, and listen to him talk more in his garbled toddler voice, and stay home with him longer, and soak up every last bit of this phase!


It’s true though. He is such a neat kiddo and his personality is so vibrant and he’s still so little and cute!! This is my favorite stage so far. The amount of interaction that goes on on a daily basis is exhilarating (I’m a major extrovert, can’t be lonely with this little guy around). The number of fun things we can get into is amazing! And the growing independence is a nice breath of fresh air. Here are his stats at this point.

Height: 33.5 in

Weight: 25 lbs

Percentile: Height between 50-75% and weight between the 25-50%. A little tall and a little slim!

Milestones: Says 50+ words and can string together 2 and 3-word sentences. Says “Mine” and “Me”. Can walk, run, jump and climb. Can take off hats, mitts, socks, and coats. Knows the order of events for performing tasks like going to bed, making dinner, reading a book, and will imitate. Goes up and down stairs. Self-feeds with a spoon and fork.

Personality: He is so cute, you guys! He is just FULL of personality. He laughs loud, hard and often. He is goofy to the max and loves to make others laugh. He is extremely social! He wakes up asking to go see the “babies” at the park across the street and is starting to include others in his games. He is a chatterbox and very interactive. He narrates his day the whole day and always wants me in on the fun with him. He is not whiny or clingy and is developing compassion for others. I really am just more and more in love with him all the time! The only hard thing that is apparent already is he tends to be a perfectionist, like myself and his daddy, and will get upset if he messes up the things he’s trying to do and will scream “NO!” at himself before smashing his face into the ground. Anyone with advice on how to help a burgeoning perfectionist, I’m all ears.  He is also definitely a tattle tale. When we have play dates he follows others around monitoring their behavior and says “no, no” when they do something that isn’t allowed. I’ve told him over and over that “snitches get stitches”, though the way he excitedly replies “stitches!” makes me think the severity of that isn’t sinking in yet.

What’s really interesting is I was re-reading my other Bean Sprout updates and his personality was so much the same even at 6 months old! He was himself pretty much from the start. Which is crazy to think about. That’s part of the thing that makes me think that, even though I love this stage, I actually won’t want to freeze time just yet because it will probably only get better. The person that he is, that I love so much, isn’t going to go away.  He’s just going to get bigger and more able to do things and we will be able to have bigger and grander adventures together!

I am very much looking forward to it!

The Chicken

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2 thoughts on “Bean Sprout Update: 1.5 Years Old

  • June 8, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Aw, what a special wonderful little guy! I agree, they do just become more like themselves and it makes it a little easier to move on to the next stage.

    • June 26, 2017 at 12:58 pm

      It’s so cool watching them transform and grow.
      XOXXO The Chicken


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