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Hey there, Lovelies!

Today’s micro is short and sweet. It’s mostly to inform you about the goings on in the community atm. Because there are a few things happening that I felt deserved special mention so they don’t get overlooked on this busy Monday at the end of September. Here we go!

  1. IAAC is launching a new, more patient-centered, website! This is big news, people!! They were even on Canada AM this morning talking all about it! If you are in some other country that isn’t Canada I can see how you might overlook this as amazing, but I assure you it is! In the USA y’all have RESOLVE and they do a bad ass job at being an advocate and helper to those on the infertility journey. Here in Canada we have IAAC ( Infertility Awareness Association of Canada).  Lately, they have been restructuring the company and trying to find ways to better serve the infertility community going forward.. and now that time is here! The new site is called “Fertility Matters” and is patient-centered. The change to focus on the patient and telling real peoples stories is really the best part about the whole thing! They’re focusing much more on being a useful resource and a great place for support for those going through infertility. Check out the awesomeness– here-  (Live new site Friday October 2nd)

2. Lisa, over at Amateur Nester, launched an online IVF prep course this past Friday! For the low price of $9.97 you get a packet of IVF information and tips to help you survive your time in the craziness. I cannot tell you how highly I think of Lisa,  she is 1 in a million and very dedicated to the community and helping others! This course is sure to be useful and uplifting. As such an awesome woman she has graciously agreed to extend the readers of my blog a 50% discount until Oct. 15th! Which means you get the course full course for the even lower price of $4.99!! That’s all you’ll pay!! Use the promo Code: CHICK to access this discount.  So, if you’re gearing up for IVF, starting a new cycle or feel like you just need help to finish the cycle you are in then here’s Lisa to save the day! Check that out – here-

3. And last but not least, I figured out what to do with this blog going forward! HOORAY!! I’ll be rolling out changes slowly and haven’t totally finalized how to accomplish this or the timeline for it all. So consider this a teaser for wonderful changes to come. I have figured out how to adapt the blog now that I’m pregnant and soon to become a mommy. I’m no longer panicking like I was here, here and here. It all makes perfect sense now. I won’t be taking a break trying to figure out my shit. Instead I’ll keep on keeping on and make changes to the blog ahead of babies arrival so that there’s less of a hiccup around it all. So stay with me folks! I’m going to be rolling out some brand new features on the blog that will help me stay current and helpful to the IF community. Get excited!! I’ll fill you in on the specifics soon.

And that’s all for today! Hopefully, these three tid-bits have made you aware of the amazing support that’s constantly evolving in this community and has reinvigorated your drive this Monday morning!

Until next time.


The Chicken

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