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The holidays are finally done!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are all behind us.

Hooray, you survived! I survived! We ALL survived! Yet, as the dust settles and the decorations are put away for another year has anyone else felt a dullness creep back in? Has anyone else felt the sting of comments made over the holidays that you just cant shake? It’s like I need a holiday from the holidays. I need a holiday recovery kit!

While there are lots of tips on how to deal with holiday stress while infertile (a quick Google search turned up 182,000 results) there isn’t much about recovering FROM the holidays.

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It doesn’t all magically go back to normal on January 1st. The sensitivity from the holiday season continues to abound. So I sat down and contemplated ways that might help me recover from the holidays. There is a strange lag time, a transition of sorts, between the holidays and regular life again. It’s important to take in this transition time and embrace it! I think a lot of that time needs to be a better structured to afford you more sanity again. Nothing drives away sanity faster than being infertile at Christmas. I came up with 5 things that might help… I present to you:

Unpregnant Chicken’s Holiday Recovery Kit

1. Recover from the onslaught of people: This is definitely one major reason that the holidays are excruciating for infertile couples. You have to deal with all the people, all the time. Probably people with kids! Sweet little babies that make you want to die! Your cousin who spends all night screaming at her brood. Not to mention, you’ll probably have to field questions about when you are going to have children yourself. Which is horrific because you may or may not be open about your infertility journey. Or even if you are open, like me, you may desperately need this time as a break from talking about it. Also you will probably get at least one disgusting, lurid comment that you’ll have to grin and bear like “one roll in the hay with me, lady, that’s all it would take.” But I digress.

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Find a quiet spot in your house and do something very low key. Like reading a book. Or knitting. Or doodle. Or meditate. Try not to dwell on the crazy shit people have dared to utter this holiday season. Instead focus on how blissfully silent it is without them there. You feel that? That’s your center returning. *Happy sigh*

2. Spend time with people who get you: While this sounds contradictory to the first point it’s not. Once you’ve taken some time to recover from the craziness other people spewed at you this season seek out those in your life who understand you. Those who support quietly and unobtrusively. Go have a coffee and catch up. Vent if you need to. Choose your safe place and fall into it. This will remind your subconscious that while people can be asshats you are not alone, you are supported and you are loved.

3. Save money—do fun, free things: The holidays can be expensive. Not that you need me to tell you that! For those of us in the midst of treatment the financial burden can become even more pronounced. While you may not have the cash to jet set to an exciting destination, or even to go for a pedicure, there are lots of things you CAN do to have fun and pamper yourself after the holidays end. Go for a long walk in a pretty area. Have a board game night with your significant other and/or friends. Make an old school picnic and enjoy it on the floor. Re-read a good book. Colour. There are many things you can do to make yourself feel special without having to spend any more money. If you’ve got an RV, there’s no harm in spending a couple of nights away from everything to give yourself some time alone! Make sure you check the battery, as it’s probably drained over this period. If you need a new one, have a look around at different rv marine batteries to find one that suits your RV.

4. Drink more (water, that is): While a glass or two of vino or booze is fine here and there the holidays are more likely to cause overindulging. Lots of alcoholic beverages, lots of sweets and lots of salty foods. Your body needs time to process all the things you’ve been feeding it. Give yourself some extra glasses of water each day to help it get started. You’ll feel better and look better rested. No matter how run over you’re feeling.

5. Reassess and reconnect with you: a lot of people choose to take a break from strict “trying” over the holidays. They pause treatments, don’t chart, and don’t focus on timed intercourse. Now that the holidays are over we start to look towards the New Year and all our treatment options. Deciding how/when to resume can feel overwhelming! It’s important, at this time, to check back in with yourself to assess how you’re feeling. Do you feel different from before the break? Do you still want to continue with the treatment protocol you have laid out? Are you perhaps ready to stop trying all together? The end of the holiday season marks many new beginnings! As you settle into a new year be sure to stay true to yourself.

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So, there you have it. That’s all I’ve got! I sincerely hope that you’re all recovering from your own holiday season well. If you’ve found the tips in my “kit” helpful please share so that others can benefit from them too. And if you have any other tips for recovery post holiday blitz share them in the comments!

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