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Today I was thinking about some of the strange things that I have seen in my travels through the infertility blog-o-sphere. There really is a lot of strange to pull from. Infertility is an incredibly hard road, you will have days where things look bleak and you look crazy. But one of the strangest things that go along with infertility MUST be the abbreviations! Anyone who has ever spent time on an infertility blog or forum will know what I mean.

A random sampling includes:

TTC: Trying to conceive. These people mean really trying, like charting and peeing on ovulation strips and shit.

NTNP: Not trying, not preventing. People who are not “really trying”. No charting or temping or peeing on strips. Mainly these types are really hoping that their nonchalance lands them knocked-up, tout suite!!

AF: Aunt Flo…your period… your monthlies… your menstrual cycle.

DTD: Doing the deed, also-known-as, sexing like rabbits.

CM: cervical mucus. As in the plug that obscures your cervix that you probably didn’t EVER think about before you started trying to get knocked up.

And, wait for it…………………. TMI: too much information

Wait… What?!

Didn’t you just tell me in detail about your cervical mucus? As in its texture, stretchiness, clarity and, not joking, its taste profile… but then follow it with “tmi’?! Gag!

Didn’t you just tell me about your nagging fear that liking it doggy style, or woman on top will somehow confuse his sperm into not swimming in the right direction … but then blush and apologize for “saying too much”?!

Listen up, all you unpregnant chicks! If you are on an infertility blog or forum then please do yourselves a favor and stop giving two shits what other people will think about you. Truly, we are all in the same boat, and if your cervical mucus or favorite sexual position is pertinent to your question then by all means include it.

Without shame. Without qualifiers.

There is enough shame in this process without you having to heap it on yourselves to boot! (Obviously, unless you are describing the taste of you C.M. In which case, please listen to that voice inside your head that says you’ve gone over to the dark side and step away from the mucus!!)

So, I will not use abbreviations in my posts. I refuse to apologize for sharing the real, sometimes awkward, sometimes gruesome, side of trying to become pregnant. I want to shed some light on these issues, not complicate things further.

Power to the plethora of unpregnant chicks everywhere. We desperately need it!!

Unpregnant Chicken!

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